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Video and music  are incredible ways to share the native experience with all people.    The many possibilities of what  can be created seem endless and we can't wait to see what you will share with us.

We also LOVE to showcase powwows and other native cultural events and we strongly encourage you to get out your phones or DSLR and get recording.  You can see a simple example of a powwow recording, recorded with a Cell phone below.

Video Creation Guidelines

1.  Native Centric Content.   It could be native events, native song, native history, native storytelling etc.   

2.  Hold the recording device steady - be mindful of handshake as much as possible.

3.  Keep the camera on the subject.  It's tempting when at an event for instance to pan the camera.  Don't do that unless following the subject.  If you want to show other things, use different takes/recordings.

4.  Don't zoom in or out within a recording unless absolutely necessary.  

5.  Resist the temptation to talk through the recording.  It will be distracting for the viewer.  Let the subject do the talking.  It IS okay (and encouraged) to introduce or describe the subject breifly at the beginning if you might have trouble remembering those details later on.

Finally upload your creation to your own You Tube channel and send us the link.  If your video is accepted we will download a copy and upload it to the Native Daily Network You Tube Channel - you will be given full credit and a link to the original video will be provided in the description.